Update : 11/04/18

Newest work - Bismuth and Legion of Andromeda LP / Tape artwork.

https://bismuthslow.bandcamp.com/ https://legionofandromeda.bandcamp.com


Steve Larder is an artist, illustrator, and publisher of indie-comics and zines. He has been publishing his auto-biographical illustrated zine, ‘Rum Lad’ since 2006 and is a regular contributor to 'As You Were' - an international punk comic anthology. Steve lives and works in Nottingham, UK and frequently attends small press events and speaking engagements as well as teaching small publishing workshops. When Steve’s inky fingers are not drawing they making a racket in various music projects.

Contact me :

info@stevelarder.co.uk / rumladzine@gmail.com

+44 (0)7883305281





Upcoming events :

05/05/18 - WILCO WACO 2 Exhibiton - King Billy Pub, Nottingham.

06/05/18 - North West Zine Fest - Partisan, Manchester.